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Behind every pixel and line of code at Websitebrush, there’s a story, a passion, and a commitment

Website Development at it’s Best

In 2009, Nael H. channeled his fervor for web design into the inception of WebsiteBrush. What began as a solo venture has flourished over the years into a comprehensive digital agency, with expertise spanning from intricate web design to strategic inbound marketing. At its core, WebsiteBrush thrives on familial values and unwavering integrity. Beyond building a close-knit internal team, we take immense pride in forging lasting, genuine relationships with our clients, making them an extended part of our digital family.

Our Roots

Originating from Toronto’s vibrant digital landscape, WebsiteBrush has always been about more than pixels and code. Our foundation lies in understanding the nuances of businesses and translating them into the digital realm. While we’ve grown and adapted to the ever-changing world of digital design, our core ethos — authenticity, commitment, and relationship-building — remains unchanged. These values serve as our compass, ensuring we stay true to our mission and to the clients we proudly serve.

Our Process

Below we discuss in a bit more detail how we work to ensure
the best outcome of the project

Exploratory Call

Whether it’s through a direct phone call or a virtual meeting on Zoom, our first step is always to listen. By diving deep into your vision, challenges, and goals, we ensure that our solutions are in perfect alignment with your business aspirations.

Understanding Your Vision

Post our initial conversation, we’ll share a concise design questionnaire for you to fill out. This isn’t just paperwork—it’s our window into your world. By gauging your preferences and analyzing trends and strategies of analogous companies, we blend current design methodologies with proven marketing tactics. Our aim? To ensure your website not only looks modern but also stands tall among industry giants.

Detailed & Transparent Proposal

Once we’ve gathered all the necessary insights, we craft a comprehensive proposal tailored just for you. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all document; it’s a roadmap delineating every task, every milestone, and every detail of the project. Alongside this, we provide a clear timeline and a transparent breakdown of all associated costs. With Websitebrush, you’re always in the know, every step of the way.

Green Light & Kick-off

Once you’ve reviewed and are content with the proposal, a simple signature will set things in motion. Upon receiving your signed proposal, there’s no waiting around — we roll up our sleeves and dive straight into bringing your project to life. With Websitebrush, the journey from approval to action is seamless and swift.

Collaborative Design Process

Our dedication lies in sculpting the perfect digital face for your brand. Your designated website designer will present an initial draft, opening the floor for feedback and adjustments. We believe in a design that resonates, so we offer unlimited revisions until you give the nod of approval. It’s crucial to understand that post this design approval, as we transition to the build phase, any alterations in design might come with added charges. With Websitebrush, every step is transparent, ensuring clarity and satisfaction.

Transition to Build

With the design seal of approval, we pivot to the building phase. Here, our focus is on translating the curated design into a functional digital platform. Every site we construct is meticulously coded to ensure seamless adaptability across diverse devices and screen dimensions, championing a responsive or mobile-friendly ethos. For content, we’ll require textual input for each page. And for those diving into e-commerce, we’ll guide you on populating your site with categories and products, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Launch & Optimize

The moment of unveiling is here. Once your website is primed, we set it live. If you’re already a domain owner, we’ll navigate the best configurations tailored to your project, ensuring a seamless transition. Whether launching on a fresh domain or migrating an existing one, we don’t stop at just going live. We also notify Google, prompting a re-indexing process, thus kickstarting your website’s organic journey towards its intended audience.

Beyond the Launch: Your Digital Partners

While many might consider a site going live as the project’s conclusion, we at Websitebrush see it as just the beginning of our partnership. We stand by you, offering as much or as little assistance as you require. If there are updates you’d rather not navigate yourself via the CMS, our team is ready to assist on an hourly support basis. And as the digital world never stands still, our SEO services aim to elevate your site’s ranking for key phrases in Google, ensuring visibility and growth. As your enterprise evolves, know that we’re here, ever ready to adapt and assist.

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